Arapawa Goat

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Arapawa Goat
Arapawa Goat

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Arapawa Island goats may be the last link to the Old English milk goat, the type of goat likely to have come with the colonists to New Plymouth in the early 1620s.

Arapawa Island goats take their name from the Arapawa Island in the Marlbourough Sounds of New Zealand. For years, the goats lived feral (wild) on the island. In 1972, Betty and Walter Rowe established the Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary to protect and conserve this unique population of only 200 goats.

Plimoth Plantation maintains a herd of Arapawa Island Goats. Look for them in the 1627 Pilgrim Village, at the Nye Barn or in pastures around the grounds. Plimoth Plantation helps to maintain genetic diversity in livestock through its conservation of rare and heritage breeds like Arapawa Island Goats. These heritage breeds were common in the past, but are in danger of becoming extinct today.