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Giving Thanks Cookbook

Giving Thanks Cookbook

$ 9.99

By Kathleen Curtin, Sandra Oliver and Plimoth Plantation

Each year, 97% of Americans join family and friends on Thanksgiving Day and eat turkey. But beyond that, the menu of this quintessentially American meal is as varied as the cultures that have made up America itself -- and the stories and traditions behind Thanksgiving are as rich as the recipes.

In Giving Thanks, food historians Kathleen Curtin and Sandy Oliver trace the history of the holiday, from the real story of the "First Thanksgiving"  to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and beyond. The second half of Giving Thanks brings these stories to life through sixty traditional and modern recipes. From New England mincemeat pies to Chinese Rice Dressing, the food is as fascinating as the history. In Giving Thanks, recipes and lore go hand-in-hand aptly and deliciously embodying the spirit of this most edible of holidays.

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