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Plimoth Grist Mill Heritage Blue Corn Cornmeal

Plimoth Grist Mill Heritage Blue Corn Cornmeal

$ 12.00

Plimoth Grist Mill’s Blue Cornmeal and Sampe (grits) are milled from non-GMO organic blue corn, sourced from the mid-West. Although we prefer to mill local and regionally grown grains, we make can exception for this beautiful and delicious corn. The corn is stone ground on antique millstones and, like the first grist mill built here in 1636, our waterwheel is powered by Plymouth’s Town Brook.

Flavor and Preparation

Our Blue Cornmeal has a delicious, mild corn flavor and a stunning color. Substitute our blue cornmeal for yellow or white cornmeal in your favorite recipes to increase their wow factor! We especially like using it for blue pancakes (with blueberries, of course). Note that the higher the percentage of wheat flour in your recipe, the paler the resulting blue color of your baked.

Delicious Blue Sampe (grits) is on the mild side, making it especially good for breakfast grits or porridge. Start with a ratio of 3 parts liquid to one part grits and cook slowly, adding more liquid as needed. Try them in your favorite grits recipe, or top them with fruit, nuts, and syrup for a satisfying breakfast. Please note that the blue color will fade somewhat as the grits cook.

How we make our cornmeal and sampe

Organic corn is fed through an opening in the top (runner) stone and is drawn between it and the bottom (bed) stone. The power from the waterwheel turns the runner stone. The corn is forced into wide grooves (furrows) cut in both stones and is scissored into smaller and smaller pieces. Finally, the ground corn works its way to the edge of the stone, falls off the edge into a chute and from there into the flour bin down below.

Our stone ground is sifted by hand, and the finer pieces are bagged for sale as cornmeal. The larger pieces are separated from the hull (seed coating) and then sifted again through a coarser screen. The result of this second sifting we bag and sell as sampe, also known as grits, or polenta.

We thoroughly clean our equipment after milling wheat and rye and make every effort to eliminate all traces of gluten. However, we cannot guarantee that our corn products are 100% gluten-free, and as such we are not a certified gluten-free facility.

Cornmeal & Sampe are sold separately in 1 LB bags.

For wholesale inquiries call 1-800-262-9356 x 8332.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Diane Cronin
Blue Cornmeal is fantastic!

The blue cornmeal is a real treat to bake with. It has been such a hit that I have gifted some to my brother and son’s fiancé. Highly recommend!

PJ Alden
Blue cornmeal

Great cornmeal! Gave some to our neighbors for Christmas and they all loved it! Highly recommend!

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