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Mayflower II Diary: Sketches from a Lost Age

Mayflower II Diary: Sketches from a Lost Age

$ 24.00

By Peter Padfield

This is a record of the 1957 voyage of the replica, Mayflower II, from Plymouth, Devon, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, under Alan Villiers to commemorate the 17th century voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers.

It was every sailor's dream: no GPS, no engine, just a sextant and the stars. The journal is a portal into a lost world.

Peter Padfield was fortunate enough to gain a berth aboard. When he wrote these diary letters to his mother he had no idea he would one day become a writer and leading naval historian, but it could have been predicted: with exquisite descriptions of wind in the sails and the changing seas he conjures up the ship and her crew. The diary is interspersed with his pencil sketches, cine film frames and photographs, which fuse into a candid and compelling account of life on board.

Mayflower II Diary is an invitation to celebrate this unique and remarkable journey. It carries a message of hope.

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