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Artisan Unglazed Bread Cloche

Artisan Unglazed Bread Cloche

$ 66.00

Get the rich, crunchy crust of your dreams with the baker's secret - the bread cloche! No more fussing with spray bottles and bricks; the bread cloche does all the work for you.

Convert any home oven into a clay brick environment with this one-time investment that will improve the quality of bread crust almost miraculously. Simply raise your dough under the bell-shaped cloche and, when risen, transfer everything to the oven. Just like brick, this handcrafted American clay cloche creates the steam essential to the perfect, crunchy, chewy crust. Many bakers treat their cloche with neutral vegetable oil before each use, allowing it to develop an artisanal patina over time.

Special Notes:

Do not soak your Artisan Bread Cloche in water. It is not necessary to wet the clay prior to use. Soaking the clay may result in cracking.

Your bread cloche is microwave safe, but should not be used on stovetop burners or in the broiler.

Let the bread cloche cool down after baking prior to handwashing.

This bread cloche is sized for rising and baking the common three-cup bread recipe.

Dimensions: 2 Piece Set - 11 3/4" Wide x 6" Deep

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