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Barnicle and Husk: The Adventure Begins

Barnicle and Husk: The Adventure Begins

$ 9.99

By Mary Shields

Barnicle is a crafty cat who travels the world on ships as a stowaway. In 1620, he finds himself on the Mayflower along with 102 Pilgrims and a timid little mouse. As they travel over rough seas from England to the New World, Barnicle learns that mice can be more than just a meal for a cat. Still, he has his own adventures to seek and the two friends part ways when they arrive in the New World.

Running Deer is a young Wampanoag girl living in a village close to where the Mayflower finally lands. One day, she rescues an orphaned field mouse named Husk and teaches him the ways of her people. Late one night, Husk hears a thief rummaging in the tribe's food storage. Eager to protect his adopted family, Husk bravely faces the intruder . . . and finds Barnicle! When the two realize their unique connection, they forge a special friendship that will take them far beyond the Wampanoag village.

Can a cat and mouse explore the world together? Can Husk survive without the only family he has ever known? This fun and lively historical novel transports readers to a different time. See what life was like through the eyes of these two unlikely friends!

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