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Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

$ 6.99

Honey takes on the flavor, color and aroma of the nectar the bees collect and carry back to the hive.  Flowers blooming at different times of year produce different nectars.  Honey extracted in Early Summer is produced with a lighter nectar.  That lighter nectar results in a light, golden-colored honey with a "traditional" sweet honey taste.  Late Summer Extraction, produced with a darker nectar, results in a dark amber or brown-colored honey.  Late Summer has a more bold and slightly less sweet taste than Early Summer.

Creamed honey is also referred to as Whipped Honey or Honey Butter. Great on morning bagels, toast or anything else that needs a little sweetness. Folks often describe the consistency of Creamed Honey as similar to caramel. Nothing is added. It's the same pure raw honey bottled in liquid form. Whipping gives it that nice, spreadable consistency.

Available in 5 oz and 8 oz jars.


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