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Folk Medicine of the Delaware & Related Algonkian Indians

Folk Medicine of the Delaware & Related Algonkian Indians

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By Gladys Tantaquidgeon

Excerpt from the Introduction: It was my privilege and pleasure in the spring of 1930 to record the following data on native medical practices and folk beliefs as dictated by Wi-tapanoxwe, "Walks With Daylight," a Delaware Indian of Dewey, Oklahoma. Wi-tapanoxwe was retained as an informant for some months in Philadelphia with the aid of funds provided, in part, by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission. The material presented herein is offered not as a complete and exhaustive study of the curing practices and plant lore of the Delaware Indians but as the theories, practices, and beliefs of one practitioner - information for the most part to be regarded as personally property bequeathed to the informant by certain members of his family or revealed to him in dreams. There are, however, incorporated in these notes descriptions of certain observances of a more general nature which represent the common property of the tribe. To much that has been written giving actual data on the pharmacology of various tribes in North America, the collection of Delaware material presented here will prove a helpful addition.

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