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Moonlight Harvest: Haunted Cranberry Bogs of Cape Cod and Plymouth County

Moonlight Harvest: Haunted Cranberry Bogs of Cape Cod and Plymouth County

$ 19.95

By Edward Lodi

The ghosts, phantoms, and "long-leggéd beasties" who haunt the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod and Plymouth County are best seen by moonlight, though there are some folks who say that such things are best never seen at all. Even so, there can't be any harm in peeking, can there? Can there?

Ask the boy named Christopher, who in broad daylight peeked inside the old Thompson screenhouse, or the girl named Myra from Duxbury, who, alone at night, peeked into the shallow ditch that runs along the edge of the bog behind her house, nothing bad happened to either of them, did it? Nothing too bad. Moonlight Harvest gathers together seventeen of Edward Lodi's best ghost stories, including "Joe Baker Stops By", first-prize winner in the "Strange Occurrences" contest sponsored by Prime Time Cape Cod.

All seventeen are set on the cranberry bogs of southeastern Massachusetts; all are fraught with mystery, suspense, and nameless terror. Two of the stories have never before been published; a third appeared recently in the journal All Hallows but has never been collected in book form. A number of the stories appeared in Haunters of the Dusk and Murder on the Bogs, rare out-of-print collections that are highly sought after. Some of the tales in Moonlight Harvest are true or firmly based on legends. Others, though fictional, were inspired by actual cranberry bogs and events that happened there. All will make you think twice before setting out at dusk on that nature walk; or strolling across that dike near the reservoir; or skating on that quaint bog flooded for the winter. You never know: you might encounter Joe Baker, or the creature named Flume Child, or something far, far worse.

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