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Murder on a Lonely Bog

Murder on a Lonely Bog

$ 17.95

By Edward Lodi

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton in a shallow grave beneath the vines of a cranberry bog in a remote area of southeastern Massachusetts solves a decade-old mystery: the fate of a young woman who disappeared without leaving a trace. But the police remain as baffled as ever as to who might have murdered her, or why. Equally baffling are a series of murders that begin soon after the skeleton is unearthed. Are the new crimes related to the old? The police don't think so, but Lena Lombardi believes they are. And since at least one of the recent killings takes place on her property, and the shadow of suspicion falls upon her, she sets out in search of clues that will link the murders and lead to the killers identity. It is a search that might very well cost her her life.

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