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Passport To Your National Parks® Companion Guide: North Atlantic Region

Passport To Your National Parks® Companion Guide: North Atlantic Region

$ 12.95

By Randi Minetor

The first comprehensive companion guides for 1.7 million Passport owners.

This all-new travel guide series is the only one to devote itself to our National Parks and, more specifically, to the secret places and tips on obtaining the Passport to Your National Parks® cancellation stamps. This is a nationwide treasure hunt, in the spirit of the wildly popular geocaching and its older cousin, letterboxing. The National Parks bookstores sell more than 100,000 Passports each year, and travelers then seek out the roughly 1,500 cancellation stamps found in more than 150 national parks. These three regional guides not only contain park maps, suggested tours, and details about each park, they also list business hours and specific stamping locations, and offer tips on how to fully enjoy the park as well as the collecting game. Passport holders are always searching for the cancellation sites, and this is the first time a travel guide reveals exactly where and how to find them. Each regional book is a must-have because these passionate National Parks visitors will want to collect them all.

*Passport events in local retailers as well as National Park bookstores

*Newspaper articles in travel and family sections

*Author interviews and excerpts in Good Housekeeping and Reader's Digest

*Radio interviews coast to coast


Covers in detail the national parks located in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Includes the exact location of each stamp.

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