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U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills

U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills

$ 14.95

By Department of the Navy, Adam Reger and David Wheeler

Boarding, assaulting, and securing a pirate-occupied ship on the high seas can be a deadly operation—especially when it comes to the pirates of yore, who have been plying their trade much the same way for centuries. Gaining pre-op intel on such villains as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and One-Eyed Willie also represents a special challenge, as does using modern weaponry against their formidable array of cannons, cutlasses, muskets, pistols, and pikes. For these reasons and more, war against pirates requires well-trained sailors who can respond to rapidly changing situations.

This exclusive field manual details the essential philosophy and combat skills at the core of our Navy’s ongoing efforts to take out eye-patched, peg-legged, and hooked-hand buccaneers. Distributed to all sailors, U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills includes illustrations throughout.

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