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Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf

$ 7.99

A taste of history!

This is an entirely edible reproduction of an early 17th-century sugar loaf. Until the mid-17th century the English imported raw sugar from Spanish and Dutch sources trading in the Caribbean. Once in England, the raw sugar was taken to refining centers and made into loaves by pouring the thickened sugar syrup into conical pottery molds. The loaves were typically wrapped in blue paper which made the sugar appear whiter.

You can of course purchase sugar already ground up, but where's the fun in that? Treat yourself to a historical culinary experience by scraping the sugar loaf with the sharp edge of your knife to sprinkle over your favorite desserts, fruit, cereal, etc.

Makes a great gift for the baker in your life who has everything.

Our sugar loaves are handmade at Plimoth Patuxet by our colonial foodways historian.

Available in two sizes: Mini (8oz) or Regular (3 lb)

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