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The Plimoth Colony Cook Book

The Plimoth Colony Cook Book

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By Plymouth Antiquarian Society

Brimming with authentic seventeenth- and eighteenth-century cooking lore and wisdom, this cookbook, published by the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, not only includes old colonial recipes but also describes what and how the Massachusetts Colony pilgrims ate during the Atlantic crossing and after arriving in the New World. Readers learn that voyagers aboard the Mayflower carried many staples--from brown sugar, oatmeal, oil, and vinegar to turnips, cabbage, drinking water and beer (more of the latter than the former).

Preparing food in Plymouth differed little from shipboard cooking during the first few years, but treasured recipes began to collect and were handed down from mother to daughter, one generation after another. This collection includes directions for creating such tasty dishes as Daniel Webster's Fish Chowder, Clam Muddle, Old New England Beefsteak Pie, Bubble and Squeak (fried beef and cabbage), as well as Squash Muffins, Huckleberry Pancakes, Cranberry Drop Cakes, and Honeycomb Pudding Sauce. Simply written recipes alternate with suggestions for keeping a "well-equipped kitchen" and instructions for using a brick oven; preparing an Indian clambake; and cleaning, trussing, and roasting a coot (a duck with a strong fish flavor).

Descriptions of the first Thanksgiving add a charming touch to a book that will be a boon for avid cooks and lovers of Americana.

Reprint of the Plymouth, 1956 edition.

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